Sentimental Ring Found, Peppermint Grove, Perth, Western Australia.

  • from Perth (Australia)

Judy had been having a hectic morning of gardening and walking her daughters dog along with some babysitting and wasn’t sure where she had lost her very sentimental, gold ring with yellow and pink argyle diamonds.

I’d agreed to meet her the next day after taking in one of the longer loss stories I’d had for a while. As usual my treasure brain would not let me sleep as it replayed that story over and over again. So next day and I’m not feeling as well rested as I might have with the prospect of a long hunt ahead we went back over the details and then I asked Judy to show me the various areas I’d identified to search at her house. I decided to begin searching the back yard first of all with fears that if it was not there the next area to search was the metal ridden side of the house.

Judy’s smile generator!

Well the gods of metal detecting were smiling on me today, not 10 mins into the search and bingo! After ignoring many signals I heard a distinctive double tone and thought this could be what I’m looking for. A quick check of the target i.d on my metal detector confirmed it was a low conductor and I said “this could be it” to Judy as I knelt down to pinpoint the signal. I moved some dead leaves aside with the pinpointer and there it was, Judy’s precious sparkling against the dark earth.

Needless to say Judy could not at first believe it, there followed a stunned silence for a few moments untill she realised it really was her precious ring as I handed it to her. Her face broke into a smile from ear to ear and my work was done!




There you go Judy..

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