Remote Ringfind, Byron Bay, Australia.

  • from Perth (Australia)

The Ring was lost beyond the line in the sand… somewhere!

Ring Ring, Ring Ring.. A Mr O’Conner called me recently and asked if I could help him as he’d lost a very sentimental signet ring. “Well, you’ve called the right bloke” I said, “finding lost stuff is what I do”. He then explained that he’d lost his signet ring in Byron Bay. Well here I am in Perth, Western Australia fielding a call for help from the other side of the continent! I said “Mmmm.. Ok. So tell me more.”

Mr O’Conner’s family crest on the lost signet ring.

After hearing the ‘loss’ story and asking some ‘investigative’ questions, I felt sure that be I’d be able to find his ring but a search with the right equipment needed to happen asap to ensure it was there to be found.  I know this will sound silly but it’s true – there is always a danger of a lost ring ‘disapearing’ whilst lost, especially at the beach (or any public area actually), and that danger increases markedly with the passage of time! It was a possibility that Mr O’Conner may have lost the ring in the water during a building tidal cycle so time was of the essence here.

Mr O’Conner explained that his signet ring was a heirloom ring passed down from his grandfather. Given the significance of the ring and not knowing anyone near Byron Bay who I could suggest, let alone recommend to help him, I suggested that I could look for a cheap flight from Perth to Brisbane and a train down to Byron Bay to search for the lost ring. Mr O’Conner felt it was his only option if I didn’t mind.

As I began to pack a few essentials I thought if only I had a clone of myself available to direct in Brisbane. It would be two days before there was a reasonably priced flight so I decided to look for a similar service to mine near Byron Bay and found Gold Coast Detectorist Rob Tansey

who had reported many ringfinds on the Gold Coast and it became clear after speaking to him that he had good experience and the right equipment.. Just what we needed. Initally Rob wasn’t too keen to drive down to Byron Bay especially as the Commonwealth Games were on and he said you’d be mad to try driving anywhere out of Brisbane at the time. Anyway after a bit of pleading I managed to convince him when I said I had already planned the search, all he needed to do was to get there and follow my detailed plan to success!

The search area at Byron Bay.About mid-day the next day I recieved a txt from Rob to say he’d arrived at the location and marked out the search area I’d sent him, along with other info such as weather and tides for the area, specific landmarks and refrence points. etc etc. I rang Mr O’Conner and explained that Rob had started the search. Usually when I am swinging I am extremely positive but I began to feel a number of emotions as I waited for hopefully good news. I can only imagine how Mr O’Conner was feeling.

Exactly 51 minutes later! Yes, Sweet success.. Rob had just sent me a photo of the ring.. He’d found it. We spoke shortly afterward then he headed back to the Gold Coast with Mr O’Conner’s precious safe once again.

Hello shiney one!

I said I’d call Mr O’Conner to tell him the great news and get back to him about getting a courier to reunite Mr O’Conner with his ring down in Sydney where he live’s..

Well Mr O’Conner was over the moon when I called, he simply said “how did you do that, how did you do that, I can’t believe you actually did it!”

It had only been two days since he’d lost it and my bum hadn’t left my couch in Perth! Thanks to Rob we’d saved Mr O’Conner’s ring and me a three hr flight besides the additional cost and time. It really was a win, win, win situation like no other.

A few days later Mr O’Conner rang to say his little package had arrived and how good it was to see it again.. He asked me to be sure to thank Rob which I did for both of us.

Job done! Next please..

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