A Good Days Fishing Ends Tragically, Lost Wedding Band Found, Busselton, Western Australia.

  • from Perth (Australia)

Shae’s expensive sinker!

Shae had had a bad days fishing. Well it was a good days fishing with his daughter until.. you guessed it, he lost his wedding band, probably due to an emulsion of sunblock, water and fish bait oils plus a bit of momentum. It was the next day when he called so I got in the car and set sail for Busselton about 1.5 hrs south of Perth and met him a few hrs later at the fishing spot he and his daughter had been enjoying until the unthinkable had happened.

When I learned from Shae it was a popular fishing spot where he’d lost his wedding ring, I started to imagine all the beer bottle caps there would be, uddles of them as so often surrounds these areas, besides all the hooks, sinkers, swivels and other less useful rubbish commonly associated with this past time!

I met Shae at the site and got him to explain things in more detail. I then marked out a search area which he agreed was the maximum extent in which he had been which I then began to search.

Luckily after only about five minutes into the search (I was right about the rubbish levels so it could have been a long and frustrating search otherwise) I heard a really clean, solid “you must dig me” announcement from my headphones!

I didn’t want to alert Shae just yet as I sometimes like to have a bit of fun and really surprise the person, but I couldn’t help myself this time.. I turned to Shae and said something like “Shae, sometimes you just know it’s gold.. I reckon this is it”. He moved closer and on my knees I

No longer lost..

used my pinpointer to locate the item in the sand before using its side to flick the ring out of the sand in front him. I turned to Shae and we had a little speachless moment before he plucked his ring up and then a bit of whoopin and high fiving.

I’d found the ring about 3′- 4′ under one of his foot prints. He’d actually stood right on it at some point whilst searching for it the day before!

Shae went home a very happy chap and so did I just quietly..  3hrs driving, for just a 5 minute fix!

Love what I do, see ya’ll again soon..


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