Anniversary Search Finds Gold Nugget Necklace, South Beach, Fremantle, Western Australia.

  • from Perth (Australia)

On Easter Friday, one year to the day after finding a 78 diamond engagement ring (See post “Lost in the drink… “) in the surf at South Beach, I was back in the drink hoping to get lucky again! My sister and a good friend had travelled from New Zealand for a bit of R’n’R and a well overdue catchup. As they were soaking up the sun on the beach I found myself in the water searching the same area I had searched

The woopsee ring! Found Easter Fri 2017.

exactly one year before. An unplanned anniversary hunt if you like. I was hoping to find something interesting as neither my sister or friend had seen me or anyone else metal detecting.

So far I’d recovered some coins, a bracelet, an earing and two junk rings when I got talking to a woman in the water who’d asked me about metal detecting. When I told her I metal detect professionally for peoples lost jewellery she said “oh, did I read about you finding a ring at Rottnest Island last year”. Turns out she was talking about one of my favorite finds which happened to be the one immediately before the one pictured at left! (See post “Jaqui’s facebook… “)

A short while later I was approaching the exact area in the water where I had found the stunning, diamond engagement ring when a man called out to me from the beach. He said a woman had lost a gold nugget necklace a bit further along the beach and asked if I could use my detector to look for it. “Sure can” I said, “where is she?” We walked down the beach together but could not find her so the man showed me where she had been searching in the sand. I said I would make a start searching there while he went off and tried to find her.

The lost hierloom nugget..

Literally just five or six sweeps of the coil and I heard a very soft but “scratchy” signal from my headphones. It was the typical sort of response that you get from a chain or wire so I dragged a few inches of sand away with my foot. As I did so I thought I saw a golden glint come from the sand in the hole. Reaching down I picked up the end of a thin gold chain but when I pulled it out, I found it was broken and did not have a nugget attached.

Well thats a great start I thought, surely thats the chain and if so the nugget shouldn’t be too far away. I stood up and scanned the hole again, this time the signal was much cleaner and louder, there was something else in the same hole! I sank to my knees and moments later my hand held pin pointer began to sing as I moved it closer to the target in the sand.

Another lost smile… Found.

A bit more ferreting around and bingo, one gold nugget to go with the broken chain. Yehaa! Now to find the owner of said nugget.. I looked around and could not even see the chap who’d shown me where to detect for it either.

In the mean time my sister and friend had noticed something was up and had come for a look. While telling them what had happened a woman and child arrived on the scene and I could tell by the womans tears that she would be the owner. She told me that the nugget necklace had been passed down to her from her grandmother and it meant so much to her that I had been able to find it.

Unfortunately she had to leave right away, it all happened so fast I did not ask her name. It’s always heart warming when you can turn someones tears into happy tears. Happy Easter.. again!