Lost Wedding Ring, Underwater Below A Jetty, Mandurah, Western Australia

Hello again! I received a message about a week ago from Lorna to say she had heard I could help people find jewellery lost underwater and could I help her to recover her husbands lost wedding ring. It had slipped from his finger into the sea whilst tying up their boat in one of the many canals in Mandurah. For some reason my phone had not recorded Lorna’s phone number and I had been unable to call her back, until today that is! Whilst checking old messages I noticed a number I had not returned a call to and when I tried the number I recognized Lorna’s voice instantly and felt relieved that I had been able to make contact with her after all.

After a quick chat with Lorna, Dylan ‘the sniffer’ Dog and myself set off on the 1 hr drive down the coast to Mandurah. When I arrived at Lorna’s home she took me to the private jetty in front of the house and showed me where the ring had slipped from Dick’s finger into the sea. I then discovered that the jetty was supported by 25 cm diameter steel poles and as the ring had slipped off very close to one of the poles I was unable to use my metal detector anywhere near it. I decided to use my handheld pin-pointer on low sensitivity to search close to the pole so after getting into my scuba gear I descended near the pole only to find I would also be working with about one foot of visibility as the mud bottom was impossible not to disturb and there was virtually no current at the location to clear the billowing blackness away. Unable to detect anything near the pole (except the pole!) but knowing the ring must be nearby I began to use the pin-pointer as you would a normal detector, sweeping it in an overlapping, methodical manner covering just 4″ or so at a time. Luckily there was not much metal rubbish here and at about 1 meter from the pole I felt the pin-pointer start to vibrate again in my hand indicating another metal item in the mud. Feeling around for solids I brought back a shell the first time and then as my hand became visible through the cloud of mud (I could not see past my elbow in front of me) on the second attempt, out of the gloom appeared the unmistakable glow of what could only be Dicks gold wedding ring! I surfaced triumphantly and held the ring up for Lorna to see and the smile that spread across her face made me feel so warm I said “I wish I could pay my bills with that smile, as I’d have none left!”

After getting out of the water I found my scoop missing from the back of the boat and realized I must have knocked it into the drink as I was getting out and had to don my wet gear again and a few minutes later after feeling around in the dark found it and returned to the surface.

By this time Lorna’s husband had returned and over a cup of tea I learnt the story behind the ring. Lorna had it made 34 years ago with Dicks family shield forming the top of the ring. 34 years! Well that explained the ear to ear smile I’d received shortly after popping up! Thanks Lorna and Dick for making my day too!

2 Replies to “Lost Wedding Ring, Underwater Below A Jetty, Mandurah, Western Australia”

  1. Mike McInroe says:

    The Garrett pro pointer AT is sure nice for those kinds of searches. Way to go!!

  2. Ali Stephenson says:

    It sounds so easy, but there is clearly a lot of skill and expertise that go into making it appear that way. It really is priceless finding something of such sentimental value – especially when it was lost in the sea where you’d be forgiven for thinking it was hopeless.

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