Lost In A Reef, Diamond Eternity Ring, Parker Point, Rottnest Island, Found!!

  • from Perth (Australia)

My workplace for the day!

Giday, Giday. Got a message from my facebook ‘spy’ about 6.30 pm to say a lady had lost a very sentimental ring in the ocean, at Parker Point on Rottnest Island and was seeking someone who could try and recover it for her. (Thanks buddy).

I did a little ‘facebook spying’ myself and luckily her maiden name was not a common one, as her married name was! I tried a white pages search and got lucky as there were only two results for that surname in all of Australia, and both were in Perth! I tried the numbers and left a message with both explaining who I was and that I was trying to contact a Jacqui with the same surname and wondered if she was a family member. Within 30 mins both responded as one was her father and the other her sister, so after speaking to both, they tracked her down for me and Jacqui called me a little while later.

After gaining the full story from her, I did the appropriate research on the location and the weather and decided I needed to get out to the Island the next morning at ‘sparrows fart’, as the weather would be deteriorating throughout the day and only two days before I had had to abandon a diving search due to poor weather conditions making the boat I was diving from drag its anchor! With these recoveries ‘time is of the essence’ and they should be attempted ASAP if the weather allows. Jacqui had lost her ‘precious’ about 3 pm on Sunday and it was now Thursday so the clock was ticking!

I took the first ferry to the Island the next day, caught a bus out to Parker Point and went straight to the ‘loss location’ from there.

Oooh Mmm Careful Oooh Ouch!

Arriving at the search area I found that the beach had been fairly well stripped of sand (google earth showed the beach having about 25-30 m of white sand from the base of the cliff to the waters edge) and began to realize that this search may not be so easy as when a foot or two of sand has been removed at the base of the access stairs to a popular tourist spot, that most of the rubbish items on the beach over the years would now be concentrated in, on and under the limestone reef the sand would normally cover. I thought I might have a long day ahead ferreting out the various rubbish items from the cracks and this is how it started to look as the first recovered signal was a $2 coin with a heavy ‘green verdigris’ (green corrosion) which indicated it had been lost here a very long time ago.

I had dive booties on as the limestone reef was incredibly sharp and jagged underfoot (it had cut Jacqui’s feet and she had warned me! Thanks Jacqui). When I removed the coin from the water I noticed a sharp piece of coral was sticking out of one of my fingers and upon removal of it, as you do, it bled like billy-oh of course! The next item I found was a ‘beaver tail’ (ring pull tab), then a broken zipper, and then another beaver tail!

About this time a chap and his three children on the access stairs above me stopped and asked what I was doing which I explained and then resumed searching whilst he and his kids looked on. At the time I had heard another good signal coming from a crack in the reef and after half a dozen scoops of sand and shells, came up with Jaquis ring appearing in my hand as the sand washed away from it just below the surface. Overjoyed I looked up to see the chap on the stairs still watching and I said “you are a ‘lucky charm’ buddy”, and raising the ring in my hand, said “look what I just found!”

Coin, beaver tail, zipper, beaver tail ring pull tab, and a Very Lovely Ring!

Happiness Personified!

When I got back to some phone reception, I rang Jacqui and said “so do you want the good news or the bad news first?”, she replied “whats the good?”, I said “I’ve found it” and she said “you’re not serious are you” as I hadn’t been there more than half an hour and I spent at least ten mins of that having a bit of breakfast on the beach! After collecting herself she asked so whats the bad news and I replied “Oh the bad news..” she said “you haven’t lost it again have you” and I replied “No… the good is I found it, the bad news is its not yet mid day and I cant get a ferry back to Fremantle until 3 pm to reunite you with it!”

It really was so rewarding to reunite Jacqui with her ‘precious’! I just wish more people knew about TheRingFinders service and that I could do this for someone every day! Love my job so much!!

2 Replies to “Lost In A Reef, Diamond Eternity Ring, Parker Point, Rottnest Island, Found!!”

  1. Jacqui Caldwell says:

    Hi Sean

    Reading this brought tears of happiness AGAIN as I recall the last week and being reunited with my ring, which has felt much like a dream. This ring is one of those special rings that can’t just be remade or bought again, it signifies my first born child, years of marriage to a gorgeous man, and a Silversmith’s name which my daughter now carries. It is not something money can replace and I’m so grateful for your efforts and enthusiasm in finding it. I feel whole again.

    Thanks Sean!

  2. James Gee says:

    Great write-up, and excellent work as always Sean, good to see yet another happy reunion!

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