Lost In The Drink, 78 Diamond Engagement Ring, South Beach, Fremantle, W.A, 6th Item Found!

  • from Perth (Australia)

Thank you good Samaritan! On Good Friday I received an email from Amber telling me she had lost her engagement ring in the drink at South Beach, Fremantle about 11 am. She had searched for the ring for about half an hour before giving up due to the churning sand filled water making it nearly impossible to see the sea floor. Amber’s first bit of luck (and mine) came when one of several good Samaritans who were helping her to look for the ring was able to tell her to google the RingFinders.com and find the guy (me) who he had heard being interviewed on ABC Perth Radio talk back about the recovery of Jacqui’s ring from the waters of Rottnest Island (see my previous posts for more..) the day before. Luckily for her I had not gone to my metal detecting clubs annual ‘gold camp’ in the Western Australian outback for the Easter break. I learnt that she had lost it pretty close to high tide in thigh deep water just behind the breakers and that the tide would be getting lower throughout the afternoon making it both harder to find but easier to recover at the same time!

I met Amber and her 3 year old daughter ‘Willow” at the cafe at South Beach a few hours later and she was able to take me to the waters edge where she had lost it. I asked her to place a traffic cone on the beach closest to where she could remember having lost the ring when she had decided to take it off one off the fingers on her right hand and return it to her ring finger on her left hand.

I then set two other cones about 5 meters either side of Ambers as a visual reference and began to search in and out of the tide to thoroughly

Ooh Ahh!! 78 Gorgeous Diamonds On White Gold Give Or Take!o

cover the area of loss. After wasting 5 mins or so on the first ‘stay-tab’ (aluminium can pull tab called that because its supposed to stay on the can and the bain of all metal detectorists!) I settled in for the long haul and went about my work thinking it could take a while to find this ring as it was likely right where the small waves were now breaking on the beach which would have been knee to thigh deep at the time of loss (a bit easier to find but harder to recover).

Hopeful as always of a quick recovery I had entered the water in bare feet and was beginning to get a sore foot from my sand scoop so I called up the beach for my dive booties just as I got a nice loud signal from my detector. Shaking the sand and shells out of my scoop I looked down to see a gorgeous diamond encrusted heavy white gold engagement ring! (Amber had sent a picture of the location and the ring to my phone but I had not yet seen them and hadn’t even asked Amber for a description of it at that stage). Suppressing my excitement and putting on my best poker face I headed up the beach leaving the ring in the scoop which I placed just behind her as I reached for my dive booties and made out that I was about to put them on.

Amber, Willow (Hello Willow!), A Lovely Ring And A Few Angels! (Another story those ‘Angels’)

At this point I looked up at Amber and asked her what the ring looked like. she replied “didn’t you get the photos I sent” and as she showed me the picture of the ring on her phone I removed the ring from the scoop and standing as I presented it to her said “looks a bit like this one don’t you think?”

Nah.. Not A Good Moment At All!