Lost Ring Recovered In Park St Louis Park Minnesota

  • from Minnetonka (Minnesota, United States)

Robb Reimer had taken his daughter to the park for some fun last weekend in the wet slushy sloppy melting snow. He was attempting to get her over the snow banks and to the park in his arms, Robb didn’t get to far before he went down. His ring hand went in the snow to save his fall. Robb had gotten everyone back to safety on the cement   and knocked the snow of themselves. This is when Robb noticed he lost his wedding band goneIMG_20140314_160121 IMG_20140314_160132. Prior to calling The RingFinders he rented a metal detector, I suggest people not do this, because you can actually make things worse like step on the ring and drive it deeper into the muck. Well after a bazillion beeps he gave up and then contacted the Ringfinders. It took Robb and I around 30 minutes to find the ring. While Robb was shoveling out the snow in the park on the side walk I was checking the other side of the walk in the place he shock of the snow, sure enough it was just under the snow a little about a half inch. Robb sure was happy, Every time I find someone’s wedding ring I feel like I saved another marriage. Thanks Robb for calling the RingFinders and letting us help





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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Nice recovery Scott, lot’s of people rent a detector before they ask for our help as most think it’s easy what we do…Most cases it’s not so easy…It’s just great that they had a second option!

    Best, Chris

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