Lost Wedding Ring In Snow Uptown Minneapolis

  • from Minnetonka (Minnesota, United States)

Kristen Bowmen Contacted the Ring Finders and requested our help in locating the wedding ring her husband Brady lost in the snow bank outside of there apartment building. This ring was a special ring like all wedding bands are I guess, but this was his fathers ring. Brady was so desperate to find the ring he shoveled out a huge snow bank by himself. I just want to say thanks for the help Brady, wish more people would help like that. While we dug and searched his wife was freezing her ears off she went to find a warm place across the street. The find took about a half an hour but the Metal Detector finally sounded of with the scream of gold. Brady said to me just one word that I will hold for years to come” Impressive”.

Again thanks from the Ring Finder organization we are happy to reunite

Brady's ring found.

Brady’s ring found.

Nice snowy wedding band

people with the lost.


3 Replies to “Lost Wedding Ring In Snow Uptown Minneapolis”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Congratulations on your recovery… very impressive! Snow searches can be difficult but rewarding of course you find the ring…always nice to see the smile! thanks for your blog. best, Chris

  2. Great job with the recovery! I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with snow searches here in Hawaii..

  3. Brady and Kristyn Bowman says:

    We were devastated when we thought we’d lost Brady’s wedding ring. We felt it was hopeless as we tried to shovel out snow and look for the ring ourselves the day after losing it! Thankfully, I discovered the Ring Finders! We are eternally grateful to Scott and his willingness to help us search for Brady’s ring. We are still amazed that he found the ring for us and are so happy to have it back where it belongs– on Brady’s finger! Thanks again, Scott! 🙂

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