Lost Wedding Rings Raking Leaves

  • from Minnetonka (Minnesota, United States)

Sharon Peterson and her husband of St. Paul Minnesota were out raking leaves and composting them in the back yard when Sharon noticed she had lost her three wedding bands. She contacted me Scott Juusola from the RingFinders Network and I recovered her rings with our top of the metal detectors and a rake. Thanks Sharon for letting me be a part of the ring recovery.

Sharons feels better now.

Sharon feels better now.





One Reply to “Lost Wedding Rings Raking Leaves”

  1. Sharron Peterson says:

    Hi Scott!

    You guys showed up and worked with the stealth and determination of a Secret Service Mission!
    These guys went through at least 8 bags of leaves and had to sift through old nails and sod pins.
    In the end, they found my platinum/diamond ring (set of 3 pieces)which was valued at much more than our homeowner insurance would have covered.
    You didn’t give up until the job was done.
    Not only did you save my ring, you might have saved my marriage! LOL
    Thank you so very much

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