Lost Necklace Swimming

  • from Minnetonka (Minnesota, United States)

IMG_20131007_115250I was out doing a dive metal detecting my favorite honey hole on the West side of Minneaplois, prior to getting in the water a man and and his son and a small dog came over and told me he lost his Rosery in the water that was 20 feet deep off the dive dock. i said if I find it I will return it, sure enough

I feel great
The Higher Power

The Higher Power

with the help of someone above I found it. I came up two hours later from my dive and he was waiting sitting on the steps. I walked towards him with 100 lbs of scuba gear and kees buckling and showed hin the neclace. He was so happy to get it back. The only reward that day was the friend I made and the Impact of our Hobby be known.

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