Lost ring near Annandale MN

  • from Minnetonka (Minnesota, United States)

Bryon Johnson and his wife Jenny were swimming in Sugar Lake near Annandale Minnesota, Bryon lost his wedding band in three feet of water while swimming on a sand bar, He had found my listing in TheRingfinders.com and called me. I was out on the spot the next day, the sooner I get get on the area of the lost ring the better. It seems things change including peoples memory of the actual spot the ring was lost. I took about twenty minutes to recover the ring for Jenny. The ring was actually laying close to a rusty can that was nulling my signal somewhat, I dug the can and then the ring, I looked at Jenny and said this is your lucky day, I just recovered your husbands lost wedding ring.
all I can say the smiles that were being exchanged is priceless.IMG_20130716_160112IMG_20130716_160124

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  1. Brian Johnson says:

    If you have never lost your wedding or engagement ring, consider yourself very fortunate. I cannot fully convey the panic that rushes over you the moment you realize that your ring is gone and may never be seen again. Immediately after losing my ring, I searched for it myself…for nearly 6 hours, but had no luck. I decided it was time to call in the expert, Scott. Scott definitely lived up to his reputation. I was unable to accompany Scott on the search, so my wife Jenny went in my place. I was ecstatic when my wife called and said, “He found it!”…in 15 minutes! I couldn’t believe it and was beyond relieved. So, if you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation, don’t waste your time looking on your own – Call Scott and leave it to a true ring finder!

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