Lost Class Ring lost and found 50 years later in Lake Minnatonka

  • from Minnetonka (Minnesota, United States)
Sharon Loton with the recovered 1937 Class Ring

Sharon Loton with the recovered 1937 Class Ring

My name is Scott Juusola with TheRingfinders Network, one hot summer day I had free time not recovering rings for TheRingFinders Network so i decided to take a dive and see what I can find from people who lose rings, jewerly and money while at the beach swiming. I was in seven to eight feet of water with scuba gear and underwater and heard a faint signal with my Minlab metal detector. I tried digging the signal out with my hands, and found the lake bottom had a hard crust, so I swam off found a sharp rock and broke into the earth and recovered a class ring from 1937 laying in the sand.
I took the ring home and my wife Johnea and I began the researh on who this ring belonged to, it was no easy task. We finally tracked it back to Newton High School in Newton Iowa, found a person in the alumni of a couple clasess later than 1937 And gave us the name and contact information of the owner. Unfortunatly she had passed away 2 years earlier, but found out from her obituary of a lone survivor. Her Daughter Sharon Loton.
I called her several times trying to make contact and finally got a hold of her, I asked the question did your mother lose her class ring while swimming in lake Minnatonka, I believed I heard her mouth drop. She said no I lost that ring when I was 16 years old. This was such an incredable story of circumstances you really need to see the video from Fox9News I have attached to this post.

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  1. tried to see the video but no luck..

  2. Great story! Great job getting that ring back to its owner!

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