Lost Ring - Staunton Virginia.....Found

  • from Lexington (Virginia, United States)

6/17/2019 At the same location where they were married, Jennifer and her husband were celebrating their Son’s 1 year old Birthday, and in the process of cleaning up after having cake and ice cream, and apparently some kind of cake game I was unfamiliar with 😉 lost the husband’s wedding ring in this pond.  As you can see the water was not very forgiving for looking and unknown to anyone was a bunch of trash beneath the surface to the point of having to move a 55 gallon drum that was rusted out and sharp.  Visibility as with most dives around our area was zero, to include the danger of what might be underwater, and the condition of the water, so I suited up completely.  This was the leeward side of the pond so a lot of algae and muck had collected.  I was told before I went under, that the owners of the place had lost their watch 5-6 years ago, and in about 10 minutes, I found both.  Surprisingly the watch had no water int he face of it, thought the band was rusted and could not be saved.  The whole time I suited up, dove, and returned, Jennifer’s little boy was watching me, so it made for a memorable experience along with their pictures of me coming out of the water etc., for him.  Jennifer said her husband did not believe it could be found, and was home sleeping form a late work shift.  She left it on his nightstand for when he woke up 😉  Diving Claus / Ring Fairy, you choose. 😉


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  1. Rob Ellis says:

    You get the “Diving in Pea Soup” award!
    Rob Ellis

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