Lost Ring - Smith Mountain Lake Virginia.....Found

  • from Lexington (Virginia, United States)

6/2018 Since we moved to Lexington, Virginia the ring finding has been pretty null and void as most people aren’t aware of our capabilities and give up before asking for help.  Yesterday I got a call from Veronica while I was in an Instructor Class and she seemed hesitant but also wanting to receive my help.  I kept in touch with her throughout the day through text to get information while I was in class.  I went out early this morning to Smith Mountain Lake, VA to help Veronica find her white gold 1 carat wedding ring she lost a couple days ago.   She mentioned her party did try to buy a metal detector on craigslist yesterday (not waterproof) for about $100.00 to try and find it and were not successful.  I explained to her how this is not just something anyone can do with the wrong equipment let alone lack of experience and explained some of the processes that some of us use to build rapport and make it less of a business transaction and more personal.  I found the ring in about 20 minutes which was awesome, but I also came up out of the lake with a ton of metal trash in a very short time, of which I showed her.

So glad I could help her out before they had to leave around noon today. She was very grateful, learned there are still some honest people in the world, and I really appreciate the reward she gave us for finding the ring. First find of the season and a success.   She also doesn’t live too far away so hopefully word of mouth will get the ball rolling.

   Thank you again Veronica!!