Gold Heirloom Medallion and Chain Located at Beer Can Beach

  • from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

When I spoke with the young man about the lost pendant/necklace I could plainly hear the weight of the loss in his voice. The pendant was an heirloom from his great grandfather .. he didn’t need to say anymore, I was in for whatever it was going to take to find it. We met at the site and he showed me the area where he believed he had been skim boarding 48 hours earlier. I picked a spot and started the search hoping for the best as usual. This was a very large potential area and it was in the tidal zone which magnifies the difficulty of being as meticulous and thorough as possible .. it was daunting given the sentimental value of the heirloom. No more than a minute or two into the search I received a solid signal. This beach usually is very clean and you can go a long time without any signals so I was intrigued but after a minute?! It could’ve been a lot of different things. I didn’t dare believe I could be that fortunate but I was careful digging with the scoop so as not to damage the pendant just in case. After the second scoop, about 6-8″ down by my estimate, I dumped out the scoop and poking out of the wet sand momentarily was a big gold pendant! I dug it out partially again with my hands and called the owner over to identify it. It was a moment I will never forget. He said “that’s it” and went silent .. I could see and feel the burden of stress lift from him and transform into joy and I was engulfed in it. That is why I do this. About an hour later I located the herringbone gold chain with the faulty clasp that had held the medallion also pretty deep, about 8-10″. I like to think I have some skills with my detecting equipment but I’m certain it was not my skill that made the difference today. We had some help. peace

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  1. Brandon Briones says:

    Thank you Scott from the bottom of my heart you have no clue how much this meant to me. You helped ease the anxiety until we were able to meet up. I owe you one šŸ™šŸ½

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