Lost Platinum Ring Found on a Second Chance at Seabright Beach

  • from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

I started the hunt at first light for the platinum band that had been lost two evenings prior. I was hopeful as I had some good intelligence to start the search with. 45 minutes later when the owner arrived I was still hunting for the ring. He updated me so I modified my search and kept at it. Approx. 3 hours and 6-7000 sq.ft. of beach later and it was time to call it. I felt I had searched well beyond where it could reasonably have been if it was there so I packed up and texted the owner the disappointing news. It’s always disheartening to have a “no show” but this time I felt like it really should have been there. I reversed my decision and decided to give it another search but in the opposite direction. This is a technique I don’t generally employ in the sand but I figured it couldn’t hurt … I just felt I had to give it one more shot in the highest probability area. I spiraled out from my starting point counterclockwise this time and 10 minutes in I hit a solid signal I did not get before. It appeared to be too high for the platinum ring I was searching for but I clear all targets so I scraped into the sand expecting a bottle cap … when I felt the heft of the ring against my finger I instantly knew I had found it! Sometimes they’re easy, sometimes they never show and sometimes they just make you work a little harder to get them back home. peace

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  1. Manu says:

    Thank you so much for finding my ring Scott! I still cannot believe that you actually found it!

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