Lost Gold Wedding Ring Found at Boardwalk/Dream Inn Beach

  • from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

I met the owner of the lost wedding band at the beach they had been at a couple days prior. It was far from certain that the ring had been lost there but after hearing the details I considered it at least a decent probability that it had been. The owner had taken a photo while they were there and I was able to triangulate their location from two days before from background landmarks, pretty closely I was confident. I started searching in a square spiral and after 3-4 coins, 1 pull tab and about 20 minutes I got the signal I was looking for. After swiping away the sand to about 2″ deep the silver edge of the white gold band glinted out at me like a smile I thought or maybe that was just me 🙂 I think it’s going to be a busy summer … peace.