Lost Gold & Silver Wedding Ring Found in San Jose

  • from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

The owner contacted me and informed me that the ring had been missing for about a month. When the ring did not eventually turn up he reasoned that it had probably been lost during some landscaping work he had been doing about a month prior. After arriving and assessing it sounded as though his hunch was quite possibly correct and I proceeded to set up my machine to hunt for the lost ring. It took an extra minute or two to get set up as there was some electrical interference that I had to adjust for before searching. The owner had a similar ring to the one that was lost so I pulled a signal off of it to see what it was reading. When I saw the VDI # was 26 I was stunned. Most gold bands that size read around 10-14 generally. That’s when I learned the rings were commissioned and crafted out of three colors of gold with silver layered in between, this ring was a genuine piece of art. The silver in the construction was boosting the VDI # way up as it’s a measurement of conductivity and silver is more conductive than gold. I was searching for a lost sculpture and I was determined to locate it. Armed with this information I proceeded to search the area and within a minute hit a signal very similar to the one from the smaller companion ring, right around 27-28. I carefully pushed my trowel into the ground and pried slowly and out popped the most beautiful band I’ve ever seen, maybe 1/2″ below the surface. It didn’t take a lot in the way of detecting skill but it was a thrill to see such a beautiful piece of artwork and I am very glad it’s found it’s way home. peace.


3 Replies to “Lost Gold & Silver Wedding Ring Found in San Jose”

  1. Steve says:

    Thank you, Scott, for your prompt, professional and friendly service! The above pics are spectacular. I enthusiastically recommend your service to anyone who has need to find a wandering metal-based treasure. Best of fortune on all your endeavors!

    1. Scott says:

      Thank you Steve it was my pleasure.

  2. Jeff Morgan says:

    Thanks for sharing about the high VDI numbers.
    Cheers, #SeattleRingHunter

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