Lost Wedding Band Found in the Santa Cruz Mountains

  • from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

I met with the ring owner in the morning. We had spoken previously and he had done his homework. He had been helping a neighbor clear brush and his wedding ring had been lost and he knew of three or four likely areas to search. I agreed with his reasoning so I proceeded to systematically search those areas. They weren’t too large so after an hour I had searched them thoroughly and the ring was still not located. I’ve searched these mountains for lost items enough times to know that they don’t give back their treasures easily. We decided to start searching the adjacent areas he had been working in hopes of finding the ring. The terrain was pretty open for the mountains but I was still limited to areas I could swing my coil over and the was somewhat diminished because of brush and other obstructions. If it was lost where I couldn’t swing my coil I couldn’t find it but we hoped for the best. After about a half hour I started searching along an access path and got a promising signal. I looked down and could see nothing. After brushing aside a couple leaves with my foot where my machine said the signal was located I looked again. There, half under some dried oak leaves in the duff was the shiny, white gold band. Right when it was starting to look like the mountains would hold onto it for good the clouds parted. It was a bright spot for all of us in trying times . peace

10 Replies to “Lost Wedding Band Found in the Santa Cruz Mountains”

  1. Ron Wilton says:

    Way to go Scott!

  2. Shaylin Maddox says:

    You are a true hero and light in the darkness. Thank you 🙏🏻

    1. Scott Foss says:

      Thank you Shaylin I appreciate that. It’s tough right now for everyone, we have to make our own light. peace

  3. Carolyn Johnson says:

    I am so happy for you!!

  4. emma kiana says:

    It was lost in a river. My $1000.00 ring was never found and we never put insurance on it.
    Lesson learned i guess. I live on disability. I wish had that ring now.

  5. emma kiana says:

    Thank you, but I don’t have a website.

  6. Josh says:

    Thank you so very much Scott! This was the bright spot in an awful 2020! I appreciate your kindness and generosity to come out and help me find the needle in the haystack.

    1. Scott Foss says:

      You’re very welcome Josh. I was happy to be able to help. It was nice meeting your lovely family. peace

  7. christopher copeland says:

    “He had been helping a neighbor clear brush” . Nuff Said, clearly a stand up guy to help his neighbor. Cosmic Karma, and the three fold rule. It is nice to hear a happy ending. You guys rock.

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