Lost Platinum Wedding Ring Set Found at Shark Fin Cove, Santa Cruz

  • from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

The young woman told me her and her husband had been to a small beach North of Santa Cruz on Wednesday 9/9. It was their wedding day and in the course of events both of their platinum wedding bands were lost. It was a heartbreaking story and I wanted badly to help recover the rings but after hearing a description of the area etc, honestly I had guarded enthusiasm about our chances. There was a walk and a steep, switchback trail involved before even getting to the beach. It was a small beach but obviously heavily abused with trash and fire pits. I knew the rings would “look” like small pieces of aluminum, or aluminum foil and this beach would probably have plenty. We scoured the trail once more then I started searching the sand after the husband showed me their path and locations. After searching for 45 minutes or so there was no luck and plenty of imposter trash. We decided it would be best to scour the area where they had sat. That was the first place the rings were noticed missing so it would be a working from the end backward to the beginning search. Usually I would do it the other way around, from the last place the rings were seen and move forward but since that incorporated a hard path and trail the beach was the best option to find the rings, I was just hoping they were lost in the sand. Soon after I began to systematically search the area where they had sat they had to leave. I told them I’d be in touch either way but I had water and I was prepared for a long grind. They had been gone only about 5 minutes when I got a signal I thought probably wasn’t one of the rings but it was a solid signal so

The first one

I scooped a couple inches of sand away and there it was. A beautiful, shining platinum band with relief glinting out of the sand. I admit I was stunned. I quickly texted the couple that I had located one of the rings and started a very slow spiral search from the spot the first ring had come out of. I figured and was hoping that both rings had gotten lost at the same time close together. I swept very slowly 1-2′ around that location and after three sweeps I got a signal that was a possibility. I once again pushed an inch or two of sand away and there was a row of diamonds set in a platinum band poking out of the sand just as the husband walked up. I pointed at it and the look let me know that he and his wife were the only people happier than myself that the rings had found their way back to the newlyweds. peace