Lost Wedding Ring Found at Twin Lakes Beach, Santa Cruz

  • from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

I’ve been doing ring finding for long enough that some of the searches now elude my memory but some of them stick out … this search will definitely fall in the latter. I received the call via a referral from another RingFinder who was further away .. the important thing is to recover the ring asap so we work together towards that end. As it turned out the owner was not able to meet at the spot for a couple days so I decided to give it a good shot from the directions I received over the phone, far less than ideal but the best I had to work with and I had the time. She had lost a simple, sterling silver band w/inscription but the sentimental value is what is always really missed. This particular beach is difficult and time-consuming to search because they allow bonfires there and there is an unlimited amount of melted aluminum cans and foil bits. Two and a half hours turned up a handful of change and a lot of trash but no ring so we set up to meet at the spot in the morning a couple days later. I showed up as early as possible to extend my search area outwards till either the ring or the owner showed up. An hour and a half later I was starting to anticipate where the ring might be if not there when I received another signal that “looked” like a quarter. I was not expecting to see the smooth, shiny silver edge of the ring catch the sun when I cleared the sand down about 6″ deep but when I did I felt a bigger sense of relief and accomplishment than I ordinarily do for some reason? When the owner arrived it was an especially emotional reunion with her lost heirloom when I placed it in her palm. I could definitely feel there was something extra special about this particular ring but I did not ask. I only felt honored and extremely happy to be trusted to help and be a part of something so special, that is all the reward you could ever want. Upon arriving home I had received an email from the owner’s husband thanking me emphatically for helping to recover the ring and ended up also making a donation in my family’s name to the fight against epilepsy which affects us personally. I was touched beyond words. I’m moving soon and will be ending my ring finding here in Santa Cruz but I can honestly say it has changed my life, thank you Chris Turner for starting this incredible organization. If this is the last search I do here it would be fitting as it was possibly the most special. Thank you Chris Turner. Keeping promises. peace