Lost Wedding Band Found at 26th ave. Santa Cruz

  • from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

I was going off what I deemed to be solid, reliable information to locate the precise area of the loss on a large beach and … 3+ hours into the search I was questioning that wisdom. This particular beach is subject to heavy sand movement on south swells and since we had just had a solid south swell recently the sand was newly deposited and free of almost any trash. This made for relatively quick hunting but after scouring approx. 8,000 sq.ft. it was time to make the hard call and drive home. Although I had thoroughly searched what I believed to be the right area and then some, that intuitive, nagging doubt still lingered … what if? maybe? Possible wishful thinking aside I was hoping for another crack at it. After communicating the details that evening we agreed to meet in person the next morning to confirm I had been in the right spot or whether I should take another shot elsewhere. I was going early at sunrise to extend my search and meet the owner there later in the a.m. I decided to bring my friend and able digger G along for good luck and entertainment. I extended my search area only to the South, figuring the highest probability of the ring’s location would be in that direction if it was there at all. After almost absolutely no signals for 45 minutes I finally picked up a solid signal and 1-2″ down was the lost ring. Pretty excited about the turn of events I called over to G to show her the find but, being inedible, she was unimpressed. Personally I was a little impressed we had located it, the ring was easily 60′ from my calculated starting point .. that’s light years in detecting. More evidence to support always meeting in person at the loss site, it’s the best investment for a successful search that can be made.

Highlight of this recovery. The owner and her husbands 6th anniversary is this weekend !!