Lost Gold Band found on Sunny Cove Beach, Santa Cruz

  • from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

Taylor got ahold of me on the the 5th of July telling me he had lost his ring on the 3rd. It was the classic case of taking off the ring to be careful and then forgetting about it .. letting it slip away. Seeing as there was a bit of activity during the interim I had to be ready for anything, and a lot of it. I would go out first light on the 6th. The owner had given good landmarks to triangulate my search area with so my hopes were high I would be seeing the ring soon if it was still there. I did a typical grid search but wasn’t locating anything but bottle caps (20), foil and a few coins after an hour and a half of searching. I was beginning to assess an alternative, lower probability area when the signal hit. As is the case sometimes, the signal I received was nothing like what I was anticipating but I got that surprise I’m always hoping for when I saw the entire, golden edge of the ring glistening in the morning sun after I swiped away a few inches of sand. When I mentioned to Taylor that his wife should be happy the ring was coming home he told me with a grin that he hadn’t told her he’d lost the ring … yet. It was my first hunt in over two years since my back injury and I have to call it all good. Looking forward to many more. mahalo. peace