Lost Key at Seabright Beach Found

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-831-359-0571

All that’s valuable is not always jewelry, precious metals and gems. Sometime’s it’s the mundane yet essential items that can really  throw us off when they go missing. Take the car key. I received the call from the owner who had lost her car key while doing a morning workout. I happened to be out  detecting already a couple beaches over so I was on scene in about 15 minutes. The car to the missing key was just being opened by AAA when I arrived so there was just one piece left to the puzzle .. find the key. The owner and her friends had marked off a circular area roughly 20′ in diameter. This was a manageable sized area and If the key was in there I knew it was definitely findable. Once in the circle things changed. I didn’t have the detector I normally would have as I didn’t have time to retrieve it. I was using the machine I was already using earlier and now it was making things a lot harder. There had been many fires on this beach and small pieces of rusty nails saturated the sand. They were all sounding like possible targets to this particular machine and I had to check every one ! This could potentially turn the hunt into a painfully long grind but that’s right when luck turned again

The Happy Driver

The Happy Driver

. I scooped the sand to check a signal when the unmistakeable black plastic end of a car key appeared .. looking very new and recently deposited. As I was pulling it from the sand I heard a scream of joy and smiled. The car and the key are back together.

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