Wedding Band Found at Twin Lakes Beach in Santa Cruz

  • from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

Ryan had lost his white gold wedding band playing in the surf. He had already given it up for gone when he contacted me .. I was not so convinced. I rolled into the beach an hour before dawn to take advantage of the time and tides. Lightning fired in the distance and thunder was rolling as I set my starting point and began my search. The ring could be laying anywhere in a good sized area including the water so I would have to be systematic and thorough and I was going to have to keep my focus above all if I was going to find it before the tide came back in too high. My grid search was taking me in and out of the water and shore break. Hunting in the surf is magnitudes harder than in the dry sand and covering every inch thoroughly is next to impossible but you have to try your best and stay focused.

After about an hour I came across a target .. it didn’t exactly match what I expected but I was going to dig everything so after two scoops it was out of the ground. I saw an edge glint silver in the early morning light. Not knowing the ring was white gold, I reached down for what I thought was probably a quarter but when my finger went through it and I felt it’s weight I knew it was the ring .. the detecting gods cracked thunder in approval as I left the beach to return the ring to it’s owner.IMG_2157 IMG_2160

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  1. Ryan says:

    That’s me in the photo. It’s exactly as Scott put it – we had pretty much written the ring off. Scott went out at 4am the next morning at low tide and found it. We are eternally grateful. Thanks again Scott, you are a real life hero! Ryan and Chloe

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