Lost Silver & Gold Necklace and Pendant Found on the Boardwalk Beach in Santa Cruz

  • from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

The call came in from a young lady who was in town visiting and had been down at the boardwalk beach. She had taken off her necklace, forgot about it then had inadvertently flung it into the sand when she shook off her towel . . an all too familiar story. When I first spoke with Rachel she had a wonderful attitude, she had basically already given the necklace/pendant up as lost to the universe and had concluded that it “was meant to be”. I on the other hand was not content to accept that. I was going to do my best to force the universe to return the necklace back to where it belonged. On a brisk, foggy morning after meeting up at the location I began my search in what we deemed the likely area of the item. Several minutes into the search Rachel called me over to another spot about 15-20 feet away. She had found a small item of theirs from the day before (a towel tag) that was stuck in the sand, indicating the spot where she had been with her friend. Relocating, I resumed the hunt and received a very faint signal after a short time. This was a signal that I would never dig on a pleasure hunt but this was a search and you check every signal. Also, she had shown me a photo of the piece so I knew the signal would probably not stand out very well. The machine was saying “foil” which was exactly what I was expecting, looking down I could actually faintly see some of the fine gold links of the chain barely breaking the surface of the sand. I pointed this out to Rachel who reached down and pulled the necklace/pendant from the sand and out of the universe’s fickle grip. The huge smile on her face made my day and is the best reward you could ever hope for. This was the most beautiful and interesting piece I’ve recovered yet. It was a gold and silver wire wrapped, hand-carved tourmaline flower pendant on a fine IMG_1364IMG_1361gold chain. The best thing about making recoveries is the rewarding feeling you get from helping people and their immense gratitude. Hand in hand with that comes the great experience of meeting some awesome people along the way.

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  1. Lesley Kupferer says:

    Thank you so very much for helping my daughter find her necklace! I was so sad for her when I learned she had lost it, and proud of her when she shared she had “let it go”! What a kind thing to have done for her…I wish you all the best and am certain good karma awaits you!
    Lesley Kupferer
    (Rachels’ Mom)

    1. Scott Foss says:

      You’re completely welcome Lesley. It was a pleasure, Rachel is a wonderful young lady and I find that is usually the result of good parenting so I’d like to say “good job”. She’s around the same age as my own daughter and I wanted very badly to help her. With her positive attitude and help WE were able to have success. It was a great day for me as well.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    What a beautiful necklace! I’m so glad she found you online and before someone else had found it! Way to go Scott, nice work!
    best, Chris

    1. Scott Foss says:

      Thanks Chris. She had actually posted an ad on craigslist in a section I didn’t see (I had scanned lost/found that same day) and a good samaritan who noticed it had also seen my ad and forwarded the owner the link to my ad.

  3. Small chains are SO HARD to find! Great result..

    1. Scott Foss says:

      Very true Larry, very true. The big advantage I had in this search was a positive, involved owner. She provided a photo which gave me a good idea what type of signal to expect and also helped put me close to the location. I always remember this is a team effort so I do all I can to help the owner provide as much valuable information they can. That made all the difference on this recovery I’m sure.

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