Lost Wedding Ring Found in Soquel, Ca.

  • from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

The owner had lost her wedding ring but was not entirely sure if it had been at her home or not. This is an immediate red flag as it brings the biggest variable into play i.e. “is this even the right spot?” After going over all the details I determined that the ring had almost certainly been lost on the premises somewhere but whether that was in a spot where my equipment would be able to find it was the big question. While the actual search is when you find lost items and gets all the glory the pre-search work is actually the most important part in the equation and is what really determines the odds for success. The owner did a great job of describing where she had been and what she had been doing so my job was now to take that information, combine it with my previous experience and determine the overall strategy for the hunt. The overriding priority and the reason we all do this is to assist anyone in need of the help only a detectorist can provide. We all crave that moment of complete joy when an item is rescued and returned to the owner, there’s nothing like it.

I formulated my plan. I would start in what, in my opinion would be the highest probability area and work out from there. The first area was obviously going to be problematic. There was a drip irrigation system with multiple metal couplings and pieces that would pretty much mimic the same signal as, you guessed it, a gold ring. There was also the usual peripheral interference coming from adjacent metal in walkways, foundations etc but I had installed my “sniper” coil to try and “see” around all the clutter. Several minutes and one bottle cap into the search the preliminary work paid off big time. I pulled a clean signal from the chatter, scraped away the dirt and out popped a beautiful diamond about 2″ down. Whether I’ve gotten better or luckier is anyone’s guess, I prefer to believe the former 🙂 Just as a disclaimer, after my last successful recovery I had an unsuccessful attempt so they don’t all turn out. This one did, the ring’s going home and there are at least three people having a great day. Peace.



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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go Scott, Some searches are just hard because of the conditions you are faced with…good idea to use the sniper coil… What a beautiful looking ring! you can tell by the smile she is so happy… congratulations, happy hunting, Chris

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