Lost Wedding Ring Found in Santa Cruz

  • from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

I was looking at a potentially daunting search. The owner had lost her wedding ring a couple days prior while gardening and the possible hiding places amounted to several areas spread about as well as 3 large refuse cans full of clippings . . and that was only the front yard. Most of the areas had multiple obstructions which would make searching much more difficult and time consuming. All this coupled with the fact that the ring may have accidentally been buried added to the long list of possibilities, all of which I would likely have to address. My strategy in situations like this is to start with the easiest (i.e. most accessible) most well defined areas first then work my way through the more challenging spots. This method works well for me as it helps me to keep focused. Losing your focus, even momentarily, can be disastrous. I decided to start with a long narrow strip adjacent to the driveway and soon realized that there were even more challenges in store. Numerous metallic underground items were causing interference which could possibly mask the ring and make it “invisible” to my machine. With finding and returning the ring my only priority I steeled my focus and prepared for a long battle. Only a few minutes into searching and eliminating this area I received a strong signal. It was a little high relative to what I was anticipating for the ring. Having to check any and all reasonable signals I kneeled down and pulled back at the low cover and duff and there it was! I couldn’t believe my incredible good fortune, I was completely stunned. Staring at the ring glinting in the morning sun I was happy that the ring was going to be going home. Now it’s at this point I’d love to emphasize how my thinking and/or execution led to this quick find but truth be told it mostly boiled down to pure good luck. The owner had done a great job of putting me on the spots where the ring may lay and I happened to make the right choice where to begin the search. The ring is back home now and that’s all that matters. An awesome day.

Going home . .

Going home . .


The real payoff for a RingFinder

The real payoff for a RingFinder

5 Replies to “Lost Wedding Ring Found in Santa Cruz”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Nice going Scott…Sometimes it is luck that you can find it so quickly because if you’d started in any other location first, it may have taking you hours! Some of my searches takes minutes and others hours…But at the end of the day it’s all about that big Smile!!! Happy Hunting!

  2. John Volek says:

    Great job, add some tags and categories to your finds post and it will help others find you.


    1. Scott Foss says:

      Thank you John. Unfortunately my old brain is not too savvy on these things. I will try and do that more, thanks for the advice. Happy hunting !

  3. Craig DuBord says:

    Nice going Scott! It’s good to read something good for a change. I’ll bet she was one happy Lady, way to go Buddy! Keep up the good work!

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