Beautiful Gold Wedding Ring found in Moss Beach

  • from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
40 years together and counting . . .

40 years together and counting . . .

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The view . . that's the backside of Mavericks.

The view . . that’s the backside of Mavericks.

After an early a.m. wake-up call and a stunning 1-1/2 hour drive up the coast I arrived in Moss Beach and met Tom, the owner of the lost wedding band. He had been renovating the home located 1/2 block from sheer cliffs overlooking the ocean. After speaking with him I concluded that his information was very good and reliable and that the ring most likely was in the area he thought it was. It is real easy to fall into the trap of assuming a lost item will be close to exactly where it was last seen but experience has proven otherwise. The yard was approximately 500-700 sq. ft. and it could possibly have ended up just about anywhere when it flew off of his finger. A meticulous search of a yard that size could take several hours or more. That being said I set up my detector and began my search in the corner of the yard closest to where it was lost. I was less than 30 seconds into the search when I recieved my first signal and a VDI reading of 45 on my screen. Now, knowing I was searching for a gold band, I was semi-certain that this wasn’t the ring as most gold bands I’ve scanned read in the 20’s to 30’s but when your on a ring hunt you check every signal. I pulled at the low ground cover and there, just beneath it lay a beautiful, huge gold nugget style band ! Maybe it was karmic payback for the wallet I found and returned the night before, maybe it was skill or maybe just dumb luck but neither of us was asking questions when that gold glint caught the light. Tom said his wife was going to be ecstatic, he’s had that ring their entire 40 year marriage . . . now it can travel with them for the next 40.

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  1. jason bontrager says:

    GREAT FIND.The cliffs look awesome.

  2. TommyB says:

    Thank you so much for finding my ring. The thought of losing it after all the years of wearing it was simply unthinkable. I was in such a panic after I realized it was missing. I tried finding it by getting on my knees and digging through the ground cover only to realize just how futile that would be.It could be anywhere in the yard, What to do? the internet. I found your site read the testimonials and called you. You found it in short order, under the ground cover and patially embedded in the dirt. I would never have found it! Than you Scott, Great work!

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