Lost Wedding Band Found and Returned at Manresa Beach, Santa Cruz

  • from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

I got a call from Drew during my lunch break last Monday night. He had lost his ring into the sand after surfing that afternoon. I could hear in his voice that the loss was weighing heavily on him. He was especially concerned that the tide was coming in and he feared what that might mean. After discussing the details of the loss, the location, etc. I told him he could rest assured that the ring was not going anywhere. Drew was not going to be able to meet me there the following morning so he gave me a great description of the location with landmarks. He also said he’d leave a marker on the beach at the last known location of the ring.

I arrived at the beach first thing the next day with all the gear nescessary should this turn out to be a hard battle. All I could think of was how badly I wanted to find this ring and turn this around  for Drew. I found his marker, a pile of stones, and got set up for the search. I keyed off of the marker and planned on gridding toward the incoming tide as far as possible then work my way back inland. I set the coil of the detector on the sand and ‘”bing” I insatntly get a signal. This is not uncommon as there is a LOT of trash under the sand. After checking out the signal the information said this looked like it could be exactly what I was searching for. I wouldn’t even allow myself to think I could be so fortunate as to set my coil down directly on the ring  but as I pawed at the sand, down about 3″-4″ lay the beautiful gold band Drew had described.