Lost Wedding Ring Found at New Brighton Beach in Santa Cruz

  • from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

Going home . .

It was a lazy late afternoon on a beautiful day here in Santa Cruz and we had just gotten done enjoying some fresh-caught halibut when I recieved a call that a wedding ring had been lost that day on New Brighton beach. After a quick pit stop to assemble my gear I met Brian at the beach parking lot. On our way to the exact location he explained to me that both an engagement ring AND a wedding had been lost. The rings had been forgotten in a beach chair cupholder and been cast into the sand when the chair was folded . . an unfortunately common mistake. The engagement ring had somehow been found but after a frantic search the wedding ring remained hidden. The couple was thinking clearly and realized the blind search may do more harm than good and paced off the last, closest known location to a landmark. This was very good thinking and would prove invaluable soon enough. I was using a Whites 10″ DD coil as it would give good coverage and depth and work well in what I anticipated would be a low-trash site. After Brian put me on the spot it was simply a matter of thoroughly gridding my way out . . 15 minutes later, on target # 4 this beautiful white gold wedding band came out of hiding from 4″ down in the sand. The perfect end to an awesome day.