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I received a call from Karen Smykla fromMichigan. She was here visiting her daughter and to enjoy her stay they went to the beach. As we have seen happen in the past, she removed her ring and placed it on her towel. Of course like so many before her she picked up the towel, forgetting the ring was there, and the ring was lost.

 She used the Internet to search for help and contacted James Borgen, another Ring Finder member. He was not available and suggested she call me.

 With the use of cell phones we met at the parking lot near where she lost it. I started a “grid” search and was able to find it about 20 feet from where her daughter thought it should be. Her reaction was such a pleasure to me. There were some tears of happiness and enough hugs to make it a great day for the three of us. The daughter is interested in purchasing a metal detector and doing some hunting on her own. So watch out all you hunters I think you will have some competition soon.

 Sam Bernstein







  1. Good job Sam! I hope she won’t need my services when she gets back to Michigan but I’ll be here just in case.

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