• from Santa Barbara (California, United States)

 I received a call on August 15, 2012 from Nathan Boyle. He was playing volley ball with friends when the very common occurrence happened. The ring that had been removed from his finger and attached to his necklace fell off while obviously executing a high jumping play. He found me on the Internet and after his call, I met him at the beach near where it happened.



I was shown the location in the volley ball court where it was lost. Fortunately I was able to locate it just outside the courts line. It took about 20 minutes and a little concern by Nathan that it wasn’t found immediately where he thought  it was.

I received the reaction that keeps me loving this hobby when Nathan saw I found the ring. He said “I have to give you a hug”!!  What more satisfaction could I ask for.

On a side note, I continued hunting the beach area and found a nice watch. Now I have to try to find the owner of it.

Sam Bernstein