Lost Ring In Hills Above Santa Barbara

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March 2, 2112 by Sam Bernstein



Hi, my name is Sam Bernstein and I was thrilled to recently join The Ring Finders. I have over twenty years treasure hunting and have recovered hundreds of rings and other items. But the thrill of finding and returning someone’s ring they thought was lost forever is the most pleasure I have experienced from this hobby.


I received my first call from Ricky three day ago regarding an accident he witnessed right in front of him while driving on a twisting highway just aboveSanta Barbara,California. A woman in a convertible went over the cliff. Being the type of person he is, he immediately climbed down the cliff to provide aid. Unknown to him was how steep and dangerous it was with the slippery ground and dead bushes containing sharp thorns that he crashed through. The decent ended over a hundred feet down and just above a road on private property. A second Good Samaritan also came down the hill to help and ran to the house to call 911. The woman was taken away by ambulance with severe bruises and other injuries.


It wasn’t until he returned home to tend to the multiple thorns in his hands when he realized that his wedding band, given to him by his wife, was gone. Not knowing when or where it was lost, he assumed it was somewhere on that steep hill. He used the internet to search for help and found “The Ring Finders” site and then called me.


Since we did not know where it was lost we decided to make the difficult climb to the road above and slowly detect coming down the hill following the path that he slid down. But, it was not to be. I wish I could have found the ring, as it had more sentimental value than monetary. The brush and steep slope made it hard to sweep the ground as well as not knowing when he actually lost it contributed to the difficulty. If ever someone deserved to have his ring found and returned to him it was Ricky and I am sorry I failed.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Great effort Sam! Some times our searches are hard ones and other times they are so easy you don’t even turn on the detector! You got the hard one first…Hope the next ones are easier for you…

    Best, Chris Turner/CEO/TheRingFinders

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