Heirloom Diamond & Platinum Wedding Ring Recovered -Comptche Ca.- Metal Detector Rental

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This Was Another interesting recovery with The Ring Finders.  I was called out to search for a lost wedding Ring In Comptche Ca. A small historic redwood logging town nestled in the costal forests just east of Mendocino Ca. Tad & His Wife Hadley been enjoying the outdoors in their front yard the night before she noticed her wedding band was missing from her finger. They Suspected it might be around the area of the outdoor fire pit or possibly in a meadow down the trail a bit. After renting a metal detector themselves. They searched the areas over and over with no luck.  Thats When they reached out to The Ring Finders. I got to the location after about a 5 hour drive. My Dad came along on this search to help if needed. They showed me the area in question and i began my search. After initially scanning the fire pit area with no luck, i expand the search. After about an hour i decided to try the center of the fire pit again thinking it might be hiding in amongst the countless iron nails and false signals inside the actual pit. I pulled out my small hand held pin-pointer detector and started eliminating false targets. As i started running the pin-pointer thru the ash in the center of the pit, it popped up and shown its self! I was so stoked and relived knowing how much this Ring meant to them both. I immediately turned around and showed Tad. He could hardly believe i was holding the ring in front of him and was in shock! He immediately called for his wife to share the good news. They where so grateful and very happy to have contacted me through The Ring Finders.

Thank You Tad & Hadley for the gracious reward!



Out of respect for their wishes of privacy. I did not take their pictures. But agreed to share this story. They were so elated!!

It is such a good feeling to be able to recovery something so dear to someone and thought lost forever!
















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