Wedding Band Recovered!!-Brooktrails Ca.- Metal Detector Rental- Recovery Specialist!

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This was an interesting recovery & reconnect with an old friend. I had just got done organizing my gem cutting work shop when I received a call from Gerasimos. He stated had Lost his wedding ring while throwing a toy for his dog along their wooded dirt driveway. He had herd there might be some kind of specialty metal detector out there that could possibly recover this keepsake, it being white gold.

He happen to see and add on Farmers Insurance talking about ” Stan Ross” a fellow Ring Finder operating in southern California. After connecting and finding The Ring Finders website. He found me, we where both stoked to reconnect after so many years! Small world.

After getting the Details and story, we met up at the search location. He described what he was doing before he noticed the ring was lost and the area it might be in. So i began my search.

   About three hours later, after scanning a vast amount of the area. I took a break and retraced the account of Gerasimos. Then i decided to use one of my own rings. Mimicking the motion to test it out, in hopes of pinpointing the location. About 30 min later i was searching the brush on left side of the drive. I spotted it!! Nestled in the pine needles and sticks.  An instant relief and sense of accomplishment rushed through me. I immediately called my daughter over to see the great news and take some pictures. She was also helping in the search.

               We surprised him with the ring and he could hardy believe it was back in his hands!! We where all so elated for this successful recovery!  Thank You for contacting The Ring Finders!

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  1. Gerasimos Christoforatos says:

    I am so extremely thankful to know you guys exits out there in the world. I can’t help myself. I have to let everyone Know you exist cause I know many who could use the service.

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