Lost Engagement Ring Found!Trinidad Beach- Eureka Ca. Testimonial!- Metal Detector Rental.

      I am a recovery specialist. If you have lost your ring call me asap day or night! (707-841-0025)
      I received a text From Lisa Asking about the service and how it works.  She needed help trying to locate a her lost engagement ring. She had been vacationing on Trinidad beach just outside Eureka and lost it in the sand after sunscreening.
  After sending me details and pics of the area where it was lost.  I drove out and found the area that  she described.
I began gridding off the area with my metal detector. After gridding off about one third of the area i tried going back to the original spot she was laying out sunscreening. I noticed the tide had come up that far in the previous days.  I searched a few feet back from that location and got a solid hit on my detector. I dug down about 4 inches and there it was shinning back at me! Awesome!
I was very happy to have recovered Lisa’s custom Engagement ring.
  Lisa’s Testimonial:

I am still in disbelief that Ryson was able to find my engagement ring 10 days after I lost it on the beach during my vacation to the Northern California coast. He was very professional and is good at what he does. I lost my engagement ring when I put it on my beach blanket while putting sunscreen on and then I forgot to put it back on. When it was time to leave the beach that evening I grabbed the beach blanket and then walked 10 ft toward the ocean and shook my beach blanket out. I did not realize until 9pm that night that it was gone. I thought it was lost forever. I decided to wait until the morning to look for it and the tide had come all the way up. I looked for the ring for awhile with no success and even rented a metal detector and tried to find it. I spent at least 2 hrs the day after I lost it and two more hours the next morning looking for it with no success and ended up with sore muscles from metal detecting. Then it was time to go home and after I made it home my fiancé told me that a friend told him about the Ring Finder’s website. I texted Ryson soon after and after reading the testimonials decided to give it a try. He texted me that he was at the beach and a few hours later sent me two pictures of my ring that he found in the sand with the comment “Great News!”. It sure was. I looked at those two pictures many times after in disbelief. I have told many friends this awesome story. I definitely thought my ring was lost forever but the end of this story was a good one! I still can’t believe that Ryson found my ring! Amazing and awesome! I’m so happy to be reunited with my engagement ring! I can’t thank you enough Ryson!


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