Lost Wedding Band Recovered! Whiskeytown Lake.


This was a great recovery from 2020. Jason had contacted me through The Ring Finders web site.  He had lost his wedding while swimming and tossing a football around with his family. I was happy to help try and recover it for him.  After finding out details how and wear he lost it. We would need special permission for me to use a metal detector at the Wiskeytown National Park. They have a stiff policy for anyone using a metal detector in the park, and will Seize equipment with a possible heavy fine..

After informing Jason i would need written permission from a park supervisor for the search.  He got back  to me a couple days later with great news!  They had allowed a 3 hour search window for me. So at our next availability i met Jason on site and began my search in the shallow water. Fortunately he hand general area wear he thought it slipped off. After searching the suspected area with only a few junk targets found, i expanded the search area. The next target was in deeper water, about up tp my chest.  After pinpointing the target i stuck my scoop in the sand and pulled it to the surface of the water. There it was!!  His Gold Wedding band shining back at me!

Jason was in the water about 15 feet away. I slowly walked up to him to reveal the good news.. He was shocked and very happy to have his Wedding ring back!


I want to thank Jason for the reward.  And  thank the supervisors and staff at Whiskeytown National Park that made this recovery possible!  Best Wishes!









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