Lost Custom Wedding Band Found! Red bluff CA. Testimonial.

Thank you William & Susan for contacting me thru TheRingFinders!

This was a great recovery!


William’s testimonial:

First, we want to thank Ryson from the bottom of our hearts for his quick and professional location of my wedding band.  Susan and I have worn matching bands since we were married in May, 1977- almost 44 years.  Unfortunately, I managed to lose my band over the last Thanksgiving Holiday when our kids and grandchildren were visiting.  I had been on a weight loss program for about a year and I knew that the ring was looser fitting.  Sure enough, the band fell from my finger during what I suspected was yard work.  My bad.  While I also suspected that it was lost when I was cleaning our chicken coop, we looked for it everywhere, but were unsuccessful. We were beginning to think that it had made its way into the garbage or yard waste and was under the landfill somewhere.  To say we were sad and depressed about losing the band would be gross understatement.  That was almost three months ago and we were becoming resigned to the loss.

I then remembered that some people with metal detectors had successfully searched for old coins on our property some years ago. (We live in an older Victorian.)  Further research revealed that metal detectors can locate gold objects.  So, I contacted Ryson and he agreed to conduct a search of our property Sunday (2-21-2021).  He asked some questions about my activities at home over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  He started with the chicken coop – where I had initially thought it might be – and within a few minutes he reached down about 6 inches under some hay near the coop, looked up and said “Recognize this?”  Wow!  He found it!  I will never forget the look on Susan’s face when I went into the house and showed it to her.  We are a matching pair once again.

Our gratitude to Ryson extends way beyond the modest “reward” he was paid for pulling off this personal miracle.  The object of his search can not be replaced and we were and are genuinely impressed with both his expertise and kind manner.  We would suggest only that this testimonial be entitled “Ryson to the Rescue” because he certainly did rescue us from what would have otherwise been a very sad event.

Thank you, Ryson.

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