Heirloom Diamond Wedding Ring Recovered! Fall River Mills, CA

I was contacting by e-mail through The Ring Finders page by a women that had lost three rings in a local swimming hole she frequented often. After coming back in to the shallow’s.  She took off her swim gloves, while talking to a family member they slipped right off her ring finger into the water…  Apparently she had ordered a water proof pin pointer detector to locate the lost rings herself, to no avail. Thats when she contacted me and asked if i could help recover them.


I started my search the next day. When i got to the search area, the water was about to my stomach and the bottom was very muddy and hard to even walk in!

.   After about a few hours of fighting with the muck and dozen’s of trash targets it wasn’t looking good..  I thought it was possible the rings had been pushed

too far into the muck form her and  my search efforts.  After coming back from lunch i went for round 2.  I decided to go a little farther out than she remembered loosing them. After the first good target i stuck my scoop into the deep muddy bottom and dumped it on the bank. Boom! There was one of the rings!!

Her mothers heirloom engagement ring that had been passed down to her.. I was stoked and she could hardly believe it!

    I searched a couple more hours in the same spot, but could not locate the other 2 rings.

A 10 diamond white gold engagement ring from her husband and gold band. We decided to resume the search the next day. Ultimately after three more full days of searching  in the same spot i was not able to recover the other rings. Unfortunately, it is most likely they were pushed too far into the muck to recover.

Although it was not a full recovery.  She was very happy to have her mothers ring back,  it meant the most sentimentally to her and irreplaceable!

Youtube:  The Treasure Seeker.    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWovoX52cTyRzPbu7K9b0_g