Lost Gold Bullion Cache Found! - Mendocino county.


I’m so elated about this recovery!

It was a Friday evening when i got the call from George. He had found The Ring Finders service online after a friend mentioned it to him. George needed to locate a lost gold bullion cache and was told that The Ring Finders is the place to find a recovery specialist to relocate it.

It had been some years since his cache was buried. George was doing some earth moving with heavy equipment. After widening and flattening a small trail next to his house he realized he had unearthed and misplaced his buried cache. After moving and spreading the dirt down a hill he had no idea where the cache had ended up.  Before contacting me to do a search they had tried to extensively search the location with rakes and a homemade metal detector themselves. With no success. The following day, after i was contacted, I met up with George at the search location on his property. We agreed on my reward if the cache was found and i started my search.  I was about 3 hours into the search and digging nothing but nails, larger pieces of iron and fencing wire. I was starting to think the excess of junk close to the surface was masking any good deeper signals. So i kept digging all the trash signals i came across hoping to clean up the search area (to better pinpoint wear the gold cache might be located). After another hour of digging with no success, i took a lunch break with George. He was kind enough to offer me a homegrown organic lunch form his garden! We spoke for a while about different topics and after lunch he was starting to think i wouldn’t find the cache and was preparing himself mentally for that. I told him I would not be giving up yet and that i intended to locate it. So back to dirt fishing i went! I rescanned the whole area i had combed through before with no real banging signals that a gold cache would be giving off. I was starting to get a little discouraged after a whole day of searching when, i decided to re-scan the exact location the cache was originally buried. I moved up the hill past that location a few feet thinking the heavy machinery could have pushed the cache backwards while backing up from the slope. The first signal i got in that area was clear enough to dig. I put my digger into the ground and instantly heard broken glass. I continued digging, broken glass and pieces of plastic were coming out of the hole and surrounding area. It always happens when you least expect it to! I started to get real excited because the description of the cache was of a glass mason jar inside a plastic planting pot! I dug about 8 inches down and there it was! All smashed up and spread out, four one ounce gold maple leaf’s and two one ounce gold bars!! I did it! My first gold cache recovery. It’s hard to describe the feeling of recovering something like this but it was awesome! Next, I surprised George with it. I walked into his house and dropped it on the table. He could hardly believe it and was short for words! He had just about given up on ever having it in his possession again, but there it was! I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to help someone recover what is precious to them.





This was my reward.







One ounce gold maple leaf !  Awesome…

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  1. Dave Millman says:


    Well done! Good job thinking through the clues George gave you.

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