Lost engagement ring found at Stonyford Rodeo grounds.

I received an e-mail from Kayla, through The Ring Finders website. She stated that she was swimming in about five feet of water in a pond in Stonyford CA. When she got in past her shoulders she tried to turn around to avoid going in over her head. That’s when the ring slipped off!

So the search was on! I agreed to meet Kayla on site as soon as possible. After giving me the general location I began my search.  It started off slow. I was getting serious electrical interference  from a well pump and conduit that was about 25 feet away from the search area. Also at the bottom of the pond was a lot of decomposing vegetation. Witch made it difficult to get my scoop into to recover targets.

After about an hour of adjusting frequency and changing coils i was able to get the interference to a minimum. I searched the area for about another three to four hours and recovered only a handful of targets. A few pull tabs, foil, and some baling wire.

I took a short break, and that’s when Kayla’s fiancé said he thought it might be more to the left of the area Kayla first directed me to. So I jumped back in! My first signal was a solid 61 62 on my garret at pro. I thought it was gonna be another pull tab. But when I pulled my scoop out, there it was! A beautiful diamond and white gold engagement ring!

I immediately got back to shore and surprised Kayla! She was very very happy and in shock that it was back in her hands.

I was happy to recover this Ring for Kayla and will never get tired of searching and finding items thought lost forever!