Lost diamond engagement ring found in Redway Ca.

I recently received a call from Garnet and her husband Erin. They heard of my service from a friend who saw The Ring Finders rack card I set up on a bulletin board in Shelter Cove. The couple had lost two rings; a diamond engagement ring and a diamond wedding ring. The couple explained that they regretfully lost the rings during an argument (they were thrown towards a truck in the driveway). Days later, using their own metal detector, they found the smaller half of the interlocking wedding ring poking out of the dirt in their driveway. They kept trying to find the other rings but to no avail. Then during the search, an heirloom yellow gold and garnet ring was lost when it fell off her finger. A double ring search! The following week, I arrived to their driveway in Redway, California. They told me the details of where they found the wedding ring and that they had heard at least one if not both rings hit the side of the truck and bounce. Behind the truck and the long driveway, was a large patch of thick ivy and trees. I started a grid search where the rings were thrown from. I searched for about four hours. I finally got a solid ring signal (51-53 on my Garrett AT Gold metal detector)! There it was, the lost garnet ring under  the leaf litter. Shortly after, Garnet pulled up again in her car and I presented the ring to her. She was happy! It was good start, but we had more work to do.


I continued my search of the area and into the ivy for about another three hours with no luck.  Finally, we agreed that I would continue the search in the morning.  The following day I continued the search into the ivy and other parts of the rocky gravel driveway. I searched for about four more hours  before calling it a day. I explained to Garnet and her husband  I had searched the area well and was sorry but I could not recover their other missing ring. They were still happy I found one of the rings and kind enough to still give me reward but, still wanted me back the following week for another search.  I agreed! The following week I expanded my search area further. About 45 minutes later I got a strong ring signal on the edge of the driveway  in between the ivy and eroding pavement. I bent down with my pin pointer and the signal was under a flat oval rock that had recently been driven over. I flipped the rock over and checked the hole, it was deeper so i grabbed my spade and stuck it in the spot to turn the dirt up and out it popped!  A beautiful diamond ring!  This was  great recovery. Thank you to Garnet and Erin for having me back again. Looks like third time was a charm. Also, thank you for the reward!








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  1. Good find..TOUGH SEARCH. Hopefully the next search will be a little easier!

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Yes way to go on the recovery! Good use of the Rack Card!

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