Lost ring found in Willits ca.

from Ukiah (California, United States)
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This search was  for my Daughters lost opal ring. No call out, just a very sad little girl that lost her special ring!   I had picked my daughter up from after school program and she made a point of showing me her ring , saying daddy I have my ring on.. That was the last time I remember seeing it on her finger. After we left the school we drove to my mothers hair salon to say high and see grandma..   My daughter played at  the shop for awhile then we went to grab some sushi and noodle bar. That is when she noticed her ring was missing! She said daddy daddy we need to find it!  I said calm down and I will try to find it  after we eat. After our meal I started  re- tracing our steps at the shop, then it struck me . I had told Zara to go wash her hands cause she was playing in the small flower beds in front of my mom’s shop. I first checked the bathroom sink and floor with no luck. Then I moved my attention to the flower beds… I bend down to stick my pinpointer  in the first bed and before I can, I spot it just under the dirt next to the edge of the brick.. Awesome !! I told Zara to come over  and see… She flipped it out of the dirt and was soo happy she had her ring!   I can’t tell you how good it felt to make my little girls day by doing what I love to do.  Till next time…. Happy hunting!

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  1. Her smile is your reward…priceless

  2. Chris Turner says:

    What a sweet story!!! Way to go Ryson!

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