Diamond necklace found at Mendocino Headlands.

I received a call from Alex on Monday afternoon stating that him and his wife were visiting the Mendocino Headlands that previous Saturday, in the historic town of  Mendocino. He informed me that his wife had lost her 14k white gold Dimond pendent with necklace somewhere on their short hike. They parked on the west side of Main Street  and walked the path down to the rocky tide pools. They suspected that it could have fell off in the tall grass next to wear the parked, and that they spent most of their time by the tide pools.

So I started my search in the semi tall grass along the shoulder of wear they parked and started there hike. I detected that area for about  an hour with no results. I decided to slowly walk the path they took down to the rocks. Once at the rocky tide pools I decided to visually scan the area and tied pools knowing I would most likely spot the necklace if it was in that area.

About half an hour later i spotted it !!  It was laying at the base of a rock in one of the higher tide pools. I was very happy to have recovered this item for Alex and his wife. My first call out with The Ring Finders was a success !!  Alex and his wife were very happy and could hardly believe the great news!


5 Replies to “Diamond necklace found at Mendocino Headlands.”

  1. Great success! Luckily, no one found it earlier. I assume they were elated.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go!!! Eyeball hunting, amazing work Ryson! Best,

    1. Thanx Chris! Much appreciated, good thing they called when they did or it might not have benn a happy ending. Happy hunting all, and thank you for your comments.

  3. Guy Fuller says:

    Spoiled already! Great feeling yes? Good job!

    1. Thanx all for the comments! Happy hunting.

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