14 k ring found in Virginia Beach Virginia

  • from Newport News (Virginia, United States)

I got a call from Ted in Virginia Beach, Virginia that he had lost his 14 k gold wedding band in his back yard.  We set up a time to come over and do a search.  This time I brought my wife armed with her own detector.  Ted told us he had been working on his boat’s motor in the back yard and got his hands oily and was walking to his boat house while wiping his hands off on a rag.  While he was walking he noticed that his ring was gone.  He searched on his own but the grass was really thick. He showed the spot in the yard where he was working.  Nice brown grass from the oil.  He also showed the spot he noticed the ring was gone.  After about a 30 minute hunt we found the ring just past the spot he noticed it was not on his finger. Ted was so happy he got his ring back.  My wife and I were also happy to have a successful return of a lost ring.


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  1. LENORE says:

    My husband came home from the office, and we both saw his ring on his finger. He was so exhausted from seeing patients all day that he doesn’t recall where he took it off in our home. We have searched everywhere but no luck.😓
    He’s had it for 42 years and it has to be inside.
    Could you help us?

  2. Robert Whitley says:

    Unfortunately metal detectors do not work very well inside.

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