Lost Heirloom Ring

  • from Kinston (North Carolina, United States)

I received  a text message from a man named Travis, so I called him and he explained that him and his wife were cleaning up the yard debris after the storm blew through. All of sudden his wife Sherry said her ring was missing. I told him I would be right over. I arrived about 15 minutes later and introduced myself to Ms. Sherry and she took me out back and showed me the area she had been working in. She said she was throwing branches  into a burn pile on the left and more on the opposite end. The ring was from her grandmother so it had a lot of sentimental value, It was a 14k Gold Band with a Topaz Stone on top. Since it was skinny area to search no need to grid anything out it would come down to whether or not it landed in the large thorny burn pile. My initial search hadn’t provided any results so I started over and this time I tackled the thorn pile with a rake pushing the pile back and sweeping my Reaper Coil on my Garrett AT Max back and forth, but still nothing. So stopped my efforts at that pile and went over to the other end of the yard and by this time I had been there over an hour and daylight was fading.  I started working between the tree’s when I hear a sweet tone, I never bothered to look at the VDI since I had notched everything else out. The next sweep my coil brushed leaves back and there it was sitting pretty on the ground. I called the owner over for her to see and the smile on her face said everything.

– Robert Brown, Goldsboro,NC




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