1962 High School Class Ring found in State College, PA returned to its owner

  • from State College (Pennsylvania, United States)

On June 9th, I went out to hunt a spot that I had been to a few times before. About an hour into my hunt, I popped out my second ever gold ring, which was also my first class ring which was buried about 7″ deep in the ground. The ring was from the the local high school which I just graduated from in 2012. One side of the ring read 1962, while the other had a lions head on it. Inside the band were the initials “DLT” my first thought was to get home ASAP and begin trying to find out who “DLT” was. After a few calls to family friends who had lived in town for their entire lives, I finally found someone who owned a 1962 State College Area High School yearbook. It just so happened that there were two people from that class with the initials DLT. The first DLT was a man from Texas, who’s phone number was given to me by the same person who owned the yearbook. Unfortunately the ring didn’t belong to him. So now I was positive who the ring belonged to. Her name was Donna Tressler. Now came the question, how do I find her? Well, after plenty of phone calls, internet searches, and looking through old phone books, I made a breakthrough. I found her mother’s phone number in an old phone book, and I gave her a call. She was SHOCKED to say the least. She immediately gave me her daughters phone number (Which was not listed in the phone book), so I gave her a call. At first, she thought I was kidding. She thought that it was impossible that I had found it, because her and her aunt had looked on and off for the ring for about 10 years because she knew that she had lost it at the softball field next to her house. After looking occasionally for over a decade, her and her aunt just completely gave up. It turned out that she had got her class ring a year early (in 1961), and she had actually lost it 52 YEARS AGO, and she knew exactly where she had lost it too. I was at work at the time that I called her, so as soon as I got off of work, I headed to her house (Yes, she just so happened to still live in the same town that she grew up in, even though she is now 70-years-old). When  got to her house, she had plenty of questions to ask me. “How? Where? When?”….etc. Even after talking for 20 minutes or so, she still could not believe that she had the ring back on her finger. The local newspaper, and news stations even contacted me, and Donna and I had our little day of fame complete with a front page article and a huge picture to go with it. In the end, I couldn’t have been happier to return the ring to its rightful owner, and there’s truly nothing like making someone as happy as I had made Donna that day.



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  1. great job… 1962!! Wow, that was a long time ago…. and it just happens that it was the year I graduated from HS also… I’m sure she appreciates your desire to return the ring.

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