Let me help you find your ring!

  • from Red Wing (Minnesota, United States)

Thank you for reading my blog.  My name is Rob and I am available to help you recover your lost valuables with the use of my metal detector. Please contact me to discuss details.

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  1. Ethan Kampa says:

    Hello and Good Holiday Season!
    I’m sorry to intrude during this season, and hope that your holiday season is going well!  I’m afraid my fiance lost her engagement ring in the front lawn of our property on 12/24/20.  Due to the snowfall and our inexperience using a metal detector, unfortunately we’re having no luck finding it.  I’m wondering if you’d be willing and available to come out at a day of convenience for you to help us find it.  We live just outside of Red Wing, MN. I’d be happy to cover your travel expense cost, plus extra for your time and more if you’re able to find the ring. It’s a rose gold band ring with a morganite stone. She does cherish it very much and we’d both love to have it back with her as soon as possible. I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you!

    1. Ethan Kampa says:

      Mr. Fuglestad replied the same day and was out within 4 hours. We combed the area ourselves for several hours before calling him. He found it in just under 2 hours. We’re very thankful for not only finding him, but for his friendliness, thoroughness, and swiftness. We will definitely recommend him to anyone we meet. Thank you so much for helping us find our engagement ring!!!

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